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The beginning of a new chapter in the history

The place is strongly connected with military traditions and independence movement of Poles. The place has witnessed many changes and events

Place full of hisotry

Villa Traugutta 3

Villa at Traugutta 3 street is the last, next to the nearby presbytery church, a remnant of the former tsarist barracks which existed here years ago. It preserved its original form and with our efforts received a second life. In 1994, the building was listed a monument due to its historical significance.

Honorable Patron


The Traugutta street was named after honorable and great Polish soldier, Romuald Traugutt on the 60th anniversary of January Uprising in 1863, where he was one of the commanders in charge.

From the past to the present

Firstly, Headquarters of the Staff of the 64th Kazan Infantry Regiment. In 1884-1888, the military barracks were located near the villa called Dom Strzelca, which served as headquarters of the regiment staff. Another monument (currently closed), former Poleski railway station (current name Fabryczny) is situated near our hotel. It was a part of railway line which connected Bialystok and Moscow. Back then, 61 wooden and concrete military barracks were built capable of accommodating approximately 600 soldiers, staff headquarters, economic facilities, stable and officers’ quarters.

Secondly, Villa of the 42nd Infantry Regiment’s commander and Officer’s Casino. After regaining independence, in July 1919 the tsarist barracks were taken by the 42nd Infantry Regiment under the command of gen. J.H. Dąbrowski. The barracks included regimental square, laundry, bakery, warehouse, staff buildings, military quarters, gunsmith, residential buildings, shoemaker workshop, tailor’s workshop, as well as well-known regiment orchestra. Nearby facilities were guardhouse, entrance gate and garrison church. On August 21st, 1921, the authorities organized a ceremonial, welcoming soldiers and naming military barracks after Romuald Traugutt. Józef Piłsudski himself participated in the ceremony.

In July 1944, the barracks were burnt down to the ground by retreating German troops. Only the building of the villa and the church had survived.

As an interesting fact, Hotel Podlasie – our secondary hotel - is located at 42. Pułku Piechoty. We, therefore, feel strongly attached to the history of this place.

Local  Library

In January 3rd 1949, branch of the City Library was opened in this historical place. In the initial period, it did not have too many book collections as it only provided books borrowed from the head office.

Dance Center “Rythym”

The famous dance school is the primary association of this place. The facility was founded in 1976 as the first dance school in the city. The founder Mikołaj Pożarski created a vibrant place full of passion and energy.

Regiment Restaurant

In October 2018, a new chapter took its beginning in the history of this place. The Regiment restaurant, became a part of Hotel Traugutta3****. A place full of different flavors and aesthetic values. The building started teeming with life filled with beautiful, timeless history. Stay here longer and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of this place.

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In memoriam

42nd Infantry Regiment Monument

The monument was founded in memorial to honour officers and soldiers of the 42nd Infantry Regiment at the Zwierzyniecki Park, on 30th of November 1930. The monument was called “Poland has not died yet”. The sculpture depicted Roman goddess of war Bellona, holding wounded soldier. Unfortunately, the  monument was destroyed by the Red Army in 1940

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