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Classic massage

Classic massage is the most popular form of relaxation and relaxation. Selected individually to the needs, it helps to increase physical fitness and fight pain.

Massage price from: 140 PLN

Medical massage

If you feel that your muscles are tense, or you have problems with the spine, it is worth choosing a therapeutic massage, which not only soothes these ailments, but also has a positive effect on the functioning of the systems, e.g. circulation.

Massage price: 140 PLN

Chinese cupping massage

One of the massages preferred mainly by ladies is the Chinese cupping massage. It has a beneficial effect on improving blood circulation, perfectly firms the skin and helps to fight cellulite

Massage price: 120 PLN

Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage of the whole body allows you to effectively soothe both the body and mind. It is a gentle massage, allows you to feel complete relaxation and replenishes the energy needed to face the hardships of everyday life

Massage price: 190 PLN

Sports massage

For people with an active lifestyle, we recommend a sports massage service. It perfectly prevents injuries, supports circulation and the body in regeneration after exercise.

Massage price: 240 PLN

Lymphatic massage

The lymphatic massage treatment helps to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. It is very effective in the fight against problems with skin firmness, helps to reduce or completely eliminate cellulite and swelling.

Massage price: 150 PLN

Hot stones massage

f you need calmness and regeneration, we offer a hot stone massage. Hot basalt stones eliminate stress and release endorphins, which result in a feeling of happiness and peace.

Massage price: 190 PLN

Massage ofer in Hotel Traugutta3

Classic massage - unique relaxation for your body

Do you need relaxation and rest? We invite you to take advantage of the classic massage in Białystok. It is one of the most popular forms of massage with a wide spectrum of applications. The massage parlor at Hotel Traugutta3 in Białystok offers classic full body massage and back massage. Classic massage is recommended for both women and men in order to maintain or improve general fitness and relieve pain. You have the opportunity to decide on an individual ritual or enjoy this moment with someone you love - we also offer massages for couples in Białystok.

Therapeutic massage - perfect for your spine

Therapeutic massage is a massage combining several techniques. It affects the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, joints and ligaments. It also affects the circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems, as well as indirectly the work of organs, relieves tension and muscle pain and nourishes the skin. The massage parlor of Hotel Traugutta3 in Białystok is an ideal place for a therapeutic massage of the spine. Book for yourself or a loved one - a massage voucher is a great gift.

Chinese cupping massage - cleanse your body of toxins

We invite you to take advantage of the Chinese cupping massage in Białystok. It is a relaxing and therapeutic massage used to relieve muscle tension and pain. The effect of Chinese cupping massage is to relieve pain, relieve stress and relax at the same time. Chinese cupping massage improves blood circulation and supports cleansing the body of toxins. This massage is often chosen by ladies - due to the possibility of non-invasive skin firming.

Relaxing massage - relax your body and mind

Are you looking for a way to soothe your tired body and mind? Hotel Traugutta3 in Białystok invites you to try a relaxing full body massage. It is a holistic relaxing treatment that involves massaging the body a bit more gently than a classic massage. Relaxing massage gives a feeling of complete relaxation, allowing you to gain energy necessary for everyday functioning. We invite you to book a relaxing full body massage in Białystok

Sports massage - for people with an active lifestyle

If you play sports, whether professionally or as an amateur - we invite you to book a sports massage in Białystok. This massage supports the athlete's body before, during and after exercise, and also helps to prevent injuries. Sports massage improves blood circulation, thanks to which the supply of nutrients from the muscles is more effective. Sports massage is recommended for both women and men leading an active lifestyle.

Lymphatic massage - stimulate circulation and firm the skin

Lymphatic massage is a procedure that allows you to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. It is made to firm the skin, eliminate cellulite and swelling. It also supports the removal of toxins from skin cells. If you are interested in lymphatic massage in Białystok, we invite you to book a treatment in the massage zone of Hotel Traugutta3. The effects of regular use of lymphatic massage may surprise you. You can also give your loved one moments of relaxation - we encourage you to purchase a massage voucher

Hot stone massage - calming and regenerating your body

The massage zone of Hotel Traugutta3 in Białystok offers hot stone massage. It is a calming, relaxing and regenerating treatment for the body. Hot basalt stones polished by the sea waves covering the coast of Bali eliminate stress and its negative effects. Thanks to the released endorphins during the massage, we experience a feeling of peace and happiness. Massage is recommended for both women and men. We invite you to take advantage of hot stone massage in a unique place in Białystok.


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