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Sauna Infrared

Innovative infrared sauna with a low degree of humidity, in which the temperature reaches 60 ° C. Infrared radiators that heat the body during a session have a similar effect to sunlight. Thanks to this, the treatment is safe and beneficial to health. Infrared sauna improves blood flow, oxygenates and relaxes tired muscles. It has a positive effect on condition and relaxes.

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Dry sauna

The dry sauna has very hot air with a temperature of 95 ° C and a low percentage of humidity - 10%. The session can last up to 20 minutes and provides many health and relaxing benefits. Dry sauna contributes to the improvement of the body's immunity, supports circulation and metabolism. Eliminates toxins from the body and deeply regenerates the entire body.

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You do not use accommodation in the hotel, but you still want to feel a moment of relaxation and rest and regenerate? We invite you to take advantage of 2-hour access to the Relaxation Zone by purchasing a special voucher.

Saunas at the Hotel Traugutt3 Hotel in Białystok

Saunas, i.e. rooms with very high temperatures, not only relax, but also bring enormous health benefits. Sauna treatment increases sweating, thus cleansing the body of toxins, while reducing the risk of catching a cold. Thanks to its pro-health effect, it attracts the attention of an increasing number of both younger and older people. It is eagerly used by sportsmen and recreation enthusiasts who value relaxation in comfortable conditions.

Where is the best place to go to a sauna in Białystok? A visit to Hotel Traugutta3, where we offer two types of saunas - dry and infrared, will be a great choice. One session in a dry sauna should last up to a maximum of 20 minutes, while in an infrared sauna, imitating infrared rays, it should last up to 30 minutes. Time spent in saunas at Hotel Traugutta3 brings great benefits to your health and ensures regenerating relaxation.

What is a dry sauna?

A characteristic feature of a dry sauna is hot air with a very low percentage of humidity. The temperature in the dry sauna reaches up to 95 degrees Celsius, and the room where the session is held is heated with hot stones or wood. Therefore, you have to wait for the sauna to heat up properly. The properties of a dry sauna include: stress reduction, muscle relaxation and unblocking the pores in the skin, which release all toxins from the body, thanks to which the skin condition improves significantly - it becomes smoother, softer and deeply moisturized.

Dry sauna helps to regulate metabolism, improve efficiency and strengthen immunity. Adequately relaxes and relaxes, which contributes to the improvement of sleep quality. A dry sauna in Białystok at Hotel Traugutta3 is a great idea to spend your free time. An alternative to the dry sauna is the infrared sauna, which you can also find in the Hotel Traugutta3 offer.

What is an infrared sauna?

Infrared sauna is an infrared sauna where the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius and the air humidity is as low as in the case of a dry sauna. It is worth mentioning that the room heats up very quickly. The essence of the infrared sauna in direct heating the body of the session participants, not just the air. The IR sauna emits infrared heaters, which are completely safe for users, because they operate similar to sunlight.

A session in the IR sauna significantly improves blood circulation. As a result, you will reduce fatigue, you will feel better and more energy thanks to oxygenation and blood supply to the tissues. It is an ideal solution for the regeneration of the body after significant physical exertion. A visit to the infrared sauna is recommended both after training and after treatments in the SPA at Hotel Traugutta3. Thermotherapy in the sauna will make you feel better and you will be happy to use the session again.

Which sauna should you choose - dry or infrared?

Hotel Traugutta3 offers a session in both a dry and an infrared sauna. It depends on your preferences which sauna you choose. If you prefer a lower temperature or have had intensive training behind you, put on an infrared cover. Most people can use the IR sauna treatments because their effects are universal and the effects are visible immediately. A session in an infrared sauna can last much longer than in a dry sauna.

You have to wait a while for a dry sauna to warm up, but the health benefits of using it are also worth it. The temperature rises to 95 degrees Celsius, so if you like hot air, and at the same time complete relaxation and relaxation, the dry sauna at Hotel Traugutta3 will be a great choice for you. In addition, a visit to a dry sauna does not last long. When you don't have too much time, you will still have time to rest.

If you suffer from chronic diseases, remember that you should consult a doctor before using the infrared dry sauna. The most common contraindications for using the treatments are: arterial hypertension, post-infarction stage, circulatory failure, pregnancy, and lung and kidney diseases.

Why is it worth using the sauna?

The dry and infrared sauna at Hotel Traugutta3 provides many benefits for physical and mental health. Due to the high temperature, toxins in the form of sweat are removed from the body. The circulation improves significantly which speeds up the metabolism and helps with weight loss. Sauna also affects the condition of the skin and complexion - it becomes more pleasant to the touch and firmer.

By using the sauna, you reduce the risk of catching a cold. In addition, a session in the sauna is a great way to relax and deeply unwind. At Hotel Traugutta3, a dry sauna and an infrared sauna are available at an attractive price. In addition, you can come to the session with your relatives, because the saunas are double. A sauna for two can be an interesting idea to spend your free time at Hotel Traugutta3.

How to use the sauna?

People who choose a dry or infrared sauna at Hotel Traugutta3 for the first time should remember a few important rules of using the sauna. You should take a towel with you to the session and spread it over your body. Before entering, you need to take off your clothes, jewelry and watch. It is worth bearing in mind that you should not come to the sauna hungry or after a large meal. In addition, the body will be focused on effort, so it is worth it to properly hydrate before entering.

To achieve the most satisfactory results, you should gradually move to higher and higher steps in the bath, and after the session, take a cold shower without rushing. It is worth replacing the lost fluids and minerals, and when the body temperature returns to normal - slowly get dressed and leave. Hotel Traugutta3 offers two types of saunas that will surely fully relax you and allow you to enjoy good health and fitness!

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