Relax Area

Relax Area

Relax Area

arrival 05 Aug.
departure 06 Aug.
Moment of relaxation

Newly opened Relax Area is the perfect time to rest, regenerate strength and taking care of your mind and body. Jacuzzi, dry and infrared sauna will provide relaxation.

with massaging effect


The perfect way to relax after a hard day, stress or problems with insomnia. The jacuzzi massaging effect helps relax the body and mind. It provides better blood circulation, allows greater oxygen flow and helps in the fight against cellulite.

Red light

Sauna Infrared

The sauna temperature is between 45-50°C. Infrared light has a positive effect on our body. Thanks to the properties of the sauna and deeper tissue effects, it regenerates the spine, joints and various types of inflammation.

Improving health

Dry Sauna

A dry sauna is a SPA treatment during which the room heats up to 95 ° C and 10% humidity. It has beneficial effects on our cardiovascular system, immunity and condition. Allows to cleanse the body of toxins. It relaxes tense muscles and reduces stress.

Intended for non-guests at the Hotel

Voucher - Moment of Relaxation

If you don't plan to stay in our Hotel but you would still like to feel a moment of relaxation, rest and regenerate? We are inviting you to take advantage of 2 hours of access to the Relax Zone by purchasing a special voucher.

Are you interested in staying in our hotel?

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